Global Automotive Industry Trends in 2024: What’s Currently Happening in Automotive?

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Global Automotive Industry Trends in 2024: What’s Currently Happening in Automotive?

Current Automotive Trends: Overivew


Technology innovation and the need for sustainability are driving the automobile industry's current state of dynamic development. Executives in the business world need to be flexible, visionary, and prepared to embrace new opportunities and challenges. Based on the most recent monthly advancements, this piece serves as a compass pointing towards a future in which the most inventive and adaptive people will prosper.


The amount of digital technology that automakers include in their cars is growing. Moreover, tech giants like Google and Tesla are developing electrified and autonomous vehicles. It follows that automobiles built nowadays are loaded with equipment to handle digital touchpoints. The development of digital and electronic operating systems and software to power and operate the new, cutting-edge, emission-free electric cars is a highly competitive field. Digital technologies will be integrated into these new cars.


  • Awards and Recognition:

The Mercedes-Benz GLC placed first runner-up, followed by the BMW X1 in second place, while the BMW 7 Series took home the 2024 Premium Car Award. The following vehicles were on the shortlist for the 2024 Premium Car Award by ICOTY: BMW 7 Series, Lexus LX, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Lexus RX, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and BMW X1. Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Land Rover Defender, and BMW 3 Series (G20) are among the vehicles that have previously received this honor.


  • Technological Innovations:

The automobile industry has advanced significantly at a time that is jam-packed with the newest technical developments. Cars are capable of more than simply transportation, just as smartphones are useful for tasks other than making calls. The automotive sector is steadily progressing toward a bright future, which opens up opportunities for experts to increase income through creative solutions. In this cutthroat market, creative ideas in the automotive sector may propel your company forward. This material has been carefully selected to make sure that entrepreneurs and owners of vehicle businesses are informed about the latest advancements in the automotive sector and technological advancements.


  • Innovative Online Marketing Strategies:

Automobile dealers in China market automobiles, arrange visits and arrange test drives using third-party e-commerce platforms. Influencers on social media will be more important in attracting customers and piquing their curiosity about the newest cars on the market. Digital Motors, CitNow, Roadster, G Forces, and Sophus3 are just a few of the technology enablers that fuel the automobile ecosystem and digitally connect customers with powerful pitches, intriguing presentations, and eye-catching visuals. Car shoppers should anticipate much more of it.


Supply chain vulnerabilities are highlighted in the VicOne Automotive Cyberthreat Landscape Report 2023, which emphasizes cybersecurity as a major concern. At a crossroads in the automobile sector, especially in Germany, protecting inventions from cyberattacks is just as important as the innovations themselves.


  • Sustainability:

To meet its sustainability objectives, the automobile sector is currently concentrating more on putting upstream sustainability measures into effect. Upstream priorities have included undertaking supplier assessments, procuring renewable energy, and refining production processes. Meanwhile, OEMs have been concentrating on EVs to reduce use-phase emissions with government support.


  • The Customer Experience:

The car business is changing as a result of implementing new customer journey trends because it understands how important it is to provide a smooth customer experience. These figures show how crucial it is becoming for the car business to offer a satisfying and customized consumer experience. To better understand client expectations and adjust their services, automakers, dealers, and OEMs are using customer feedback platforms.


The era of autonomous self-driving cars is now here, and it will continue to grow. According to research, autonomous vehicles are safer, have less downtime, can cover more ground during last-mile deliveries, decrease driver tiredness and accidents caused by carelessness, have a 10% increase in fuel economy, and emit 42 million metric tons less CO2 yearly. Self-driving technology has been deployed and tested by several trucking businesses around the country. It won't be unusual to witness a Tesla driving itself or a fleet of self-driving commercial vehicles pulling into the lane ahead of them.


  • Collaborations and Partnerships:

The sector is seeing alliances and partnerships like the one between Huawei and Changan, as well as the uniting of Siemens, Arm, and AWS. These partnerships are essential to releasing the next wave of automotive technologies and reaching new markets.


  • Truck Platooning:

Truck platooning is another trend in the automobile sector that will become more prevalent. This is the process by which many trucks move closely behind one another at a high-speed using vehicle-to-vehicle connection. Because of the exponential gain in fuel economy that occurs when trucks operate in this arrangement, truck platooning is going to become increasingly widespread. When truck platooning is combined with autonomous freight transportation, it is especially beneficial. Truck platooning will become increasingly prevalent on the road alongside autonomous self-driving trucks.


  • Impact Analysis:
    • For Short-Term:

To overcome current obstacles, businesses must place a high priority on cybersecurity and customer experience.


  • For Mid-Term:

Investing in IoT, AI, and sustainable practices will be essential for expanding the market and improving operational efficiency.


  • For Long-Term:

Adopting a circular economy and consistently improving one's skills will be essential for long-term survival and achievement.


Essential Statistics

Consumer behavior is changing significantly, which is contributing to and causing new trends in the automobile industry. These five essential data will help you understand the significance of such patterns.


  • More than 80% of the parts in American automobiles have to be made in the US, Canada, or Mexico under the new NAFTA.


  • In the United States, automobile dealerships and auto parts stores make up 18-22% of the country’s retail sales. That is the largest sector of the total U.S. retail sales.


  • In 20 years, over 45% of small enterprises predict that truck fleets will operate entirely autonomously. Of them, almost 40% believe it may occur in ten years.


  • In the US, there are already 1.5 million electric cars on the road. By 2030, there should be 19.8 million.


  • By 2025, the worldwide market for self-driving trucks is expected to reach a value of over $1,893 billion.


  • In 2020, the United States' automobile sector supported $498.2 billion of the GDP of the nation and employed 3.9 million people. That amounts to 3.2% of GDP.



In conclusion, technological advancement and a desire for sustainability are driving a dynamic state of transition in the automobile sector. Executives in the corporate sector need to be adaptive, visionary, and ready to take on novel opportunities and threats. Based on the latest and most recent quarterly innovations, this report serves as a compass pointing towards a future in which the most inventive and adaptive individuals may prosper.


To effectively tackle its intricacies and capture possibilities in the automotive firm, being informed is essential. Make use of our database to locate the latest automotive advances and technology to keep your business cutting edge on the trend. The Research Portal offers a concise but comprehensive summary of the most recent advances and patterns to help you make well-informed choices about investments and find productive joint venture prospective customers.


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