Consulting Services

In a complex world, planning growth has become increasingly difficult. We are helping companies identify,
plan, and capture growth opportunities around the world.

Consulting Practice

Throughout the entire process of developing a plan, our consulting business interacts with clients. We provide answers to our clients' core issues, from concept design to implementation. Additionally, our expertise may aid companies in developing growth platforms, doing technological scouting research, monitoring IP, gaining customer insight, and conducting competitive intelligence exercises.


  • Customer Insights (CI)
  • Growth Opportunity Assessment (GOA)
  • Distribution Channel Assessment (DCA)
  • Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI)

Growth Consulting

The demands of contemporary business are ever-changing. Our growth consulting services provide cutting-edge solutions to make sure our clients remain competitive. We provide assistance with the development of comprehensive strategic approaches, which include in-depth diversification studies and a dynamic go-to-market roadmap that provides crucial insights on pricing strategies, product branding, customer engagement strategies, and other significant pain points.

Technology Consulting

In Spherical Insights, we are experts at offering a dynamic, exclusive method to assist our clients in utilising technological breakthroughs and advancing their businesses. Every industry, it is well acknowledged, is going through a rapid digital transition. Our mission is to support clients in maximising cost savings and putting best sustainability practises into place by harnessing this trend.

Our technology consulting services are designed for both market entry aspirants and existing firms. We provide strategic IP and R&D management services, open innovation technology discovery, and the ease of comprehensive techno-economic feasibility studies to carefully examine the viability of business propositions for our clients.

Business Portfolio Management

An organisation must now diversify its economic activities in order to secure liquidity and profitability given the current state of the world economy. In order to support the best portfolio management, our team of analysts and consultants may offer a multi-level strategic approach that emphasises the following factors:

  • To enable decisions based on long-term growth, business segments are benchmarked on important metrics.
  • Macro-level research that gives an overview of the "big picture" for the sector.
  • Analysis at the granular level, focusing on each firm or SBU individually and offering critical market analysis, projections, and estimations.

Route to Market Analysis

To enhance income creation, a company's operations must choose the optimum approach for each market. In-depth market research, considerable supply chain management skills, and domain knowledge are all necessary for this. In providing these services, we focus on a number of major issues, such as:

  • Best route to increase sales
  • Identification and due diligence of potential distributors
  • Risk assessment and entry hurdles
  • Cost analysis and profitability across the industrial value chain
  • Threat evaluation and deterrence from local enterprises
  • Distribution channel landscape of important competitors

Competitive Insights

To increase and maintain market share, corporate strategy planning must carefully identify and assess the competitors. Spherical Insights gives thorough assistance to give its clients a competitive edge. The following are some of the issues we cover in competitive insights:

  • Competitive threat analysis using SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter's five forces
  • Competitor benchmarking for performance measurement
  • Industry best practises, identification of merger, acquisition, and partnership targets, strategic recommendations
  • Competitor profiling, including financial performance, products/services offered, distribution channels, and strategic initiatives

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