Spherical Insights FAQs

  • In what forms can I download the ordered reports?

    You can download the ordered reports in the following formats:

    • Microsoft Word
    • PDF
    • PowerPoint
  • How do I get the receipt of my purchases?

    An invoice is promptly emailed to you once the payment has been made.

  • What do single user, multi-user and enterprise license mean?
    • If you acquire a "Single User License," you are only allowed to provide that person access to the report; other employees cannot use it.
    • When a "Multi User License" is purchased, only 2 to 5 users from the same department of the same firm are allowed access to the report.
    • A "Enterprise License" allows access to the report for the entire organisation. This includes subsidiaries or other businesses that are a part of a larger business group.
  • Are samples available for all the studies published by Spherical Insights?

    Yes, after receiving your inquiry, the sales staff will give you a sample copy of the study. Moreover, a demo sample will be offered in the event of a future investigation. The sample copy's purpose is to give readers a general idea of the report's structure and sample market data for pre-purchase data validation.

  • Can I purchase individual sections of the report? If yes, then how?

    Yes, you can buy the report's portions separately. On order to receive assistance in this matter, kindly contact our sales representative.

  • What is the policy on payment and after-sales support?

    Due to the nature of our business, where a report effectively represents a transfer of our expertise and understanding of the market, all sales are final and once payments have been made, they are non-refundable. This is in keeping with industry standard. In light of this, we offer our clients thorough post-sale assistance, which includes call time with the author or analyst to answer any questions concerning the report. Additionally, customers can post-purchase ask for extra data points for free, up to 10% of the cost of the report.

  • How can I pay for a report I want to purchase?

    Payment options include

    Online payment via credit card

    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • American Express

    Bank wire transfer

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