Global Medical Device Cleaning Market Size, Share, and COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Device (Non-critical, Semi-critical, and Critical), By Technique (Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization), By EPA Classification (High Level, Intermediate Level, and Low Level), By Region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa), Analysis and Forecast 2022 – 2032.

Industry: Healthcare


Global Medical Device Cleaning Market Insights Forecasts to 2032.

  • The Global Medical Device Cleaning Market Size was valued at USD 2.35 Billion in 2022.
  • The Market is Growing at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2032
  • The Worldwide Medical Device Cleaning Market Size is expected to reach USD 4.05 Billion by 2032.
  • Asia-Pacific is expected to Grow fastest during the forecast period.


Global Medical Device Cleaning Market

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The Global Medical Device Cleaning Market Size is expected to reach USD 4.05 Billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period 2022 to 2032.


Market Overview

Medical device cleaning is a critical process in healthcare settings to ensure patient safety and prevent healthcare-associated infections. It involves the removal of contaminants, such as biological residues and foreign materials, from medical equipment and devices. Proper cleaning protocols must be followed to effectively eliminate pathogens and maintain the device's functionality. Manual cleaning, automated processes, or a combination of both are commonly employed, depending on the complexity of the device. Medical facilities adhere to strict guidelines and use approved cleaning agents and disinfectants suitable for each device type. Regular and thorough cleaning practices mitigate the risk of cross-contamination, support device longevity, and contribute to overall infection control measures in healthcare environments.


Report Coverage

This research report categorizes the market for medical device cleaning market based on various segments and regions and forecasts revenue growth and analyzes trends in each submarket. The report analyses the key growth drivers, opportunities, and challenges influencing the medical device cleaning market. Recent market developments and competitive strategies such as expansion, product launch, and development, partnership, merger, and acquisition have been included to draw the competitive landscape in the market. The report strategically identifies and profiles the key market players and analyses their core competencies in each sub-segments of the medical device cleaning market.


Global Medical Device Cleaning Market Report Coverage

Report CoverageDetails
Base Year:2022
Market Size in 2022:USD 2.35 Billion
Forecast Period:2022-2032
Forecast Period 2022-2032 CAGR:5.6%
2032 Value Projection:USD 4.05 Billion
Historical Data for:2018-2021
No. of Pages:200
Tables, Charts & Figures:120
Segments covered:By Device, By Technique, By EPA Classification, By Region and COVID-19 Impact Analysis.
Companies Covered: Steris PLC, GetingeAB, Advanced Sterilization Products, The Ruhof Corp., Sklar Surgical Instruments, Sterigenics International LLC, Biotrol, Metrex Research, LLC, Oro Clean Chemie AG, Cantel Medical Corp., Ecolab and other key venders.
Pitfalls & Challenges:COVID-19 Empact, Challenge, Future, Growth, & Analysis

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Driving Factors

The medical device cleaning market is influenced by several key drivers that shape its growth and dynamics due to the increasing emphasis on patient safety and infection control in healthcare facilities is a major driver. Healthcare-associated infections are a significant concern, prompting hospitals and clinics to prioritize proper medical device cleaning protocols to reduce cross-contamination risks. The rising demand for medical devices due to the growing aging population and the prevalence of chronic diseases drives the need for efficient cleaning solutions. As the number of medical procedures increases, so does the requirement for adequately sanitized equipment. The stringent regulations and guidelines set by government bodies and healthcare authorities play a crucial role in driving the market. Compliance with these standards is essential for medical device manufacturers and healthcare facilities to ensure their products meet safety and efficacy requirements. The advancements in technology and automation have led to the development of innovative cleaning techniques, accelerating market growth. Automated cleaning systems offer increased efficiency, consistency, and reduced human error, appealing to healthcare providers seeking optimized cleaning solutions. The global focus on reducing healthcare-associated costs and the need for cost-effective healthcare solutions drives the demand for efficient medical device cleaning processes. Proper cleaning practices extend the lifespan of devices, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance expenses. Overall, the drivers of the medical device cleaning market encompass patient safety concerns, the growing demand for medical devices, regulatory compliance, technological advancements, and cost-effectiveness requirements. These factors collectively contribute to the expansion and evolution of the market as healthcare facilities and manufacturers seek effective and reliable cleaning solutions for medical devices.


Restraining Factors

The medical device cleaning market faces several restraints that impede its growth, the complexity of certain medical devices makes the cleaning process more challenging, increasing the risk of inadequate sanitation. The stringent regulatory requirements for cleaning validation pose hurdles for manufacturers and healthcare facilities. The high cost of advanced cleaning technologies and equipment limits their widespread adoption. Additionally, a lack of standardized cleaning protocols and training in some regions hampers effective cleaning practices.


Market Segmentation

  • In 2022, the semi-critical segment accounted for around 44.3% market share

On the basis of the device, the global medical device cleaning market is segmented into non-critical, semi-critical, and critical. The semi-critical segment's dominance in holding the largest market share can be attributed to its pivotal role in medical procedures. Semi-critical medical devices, which come into contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin, require meticulous cleaning to prevent microbial transmission. The heightened focus on infection control, coupled with the increasing volume of semi-critical procedures, drives demand for effective cleaning solutions. Additionally, advancements in cleaning technologies tailored to semi-critical devices further contribute to the segment's prominence, as healthcare facilities prioritize comprehensive sanitation to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance.


  • The disinfection segment dominated the market with more than 48.6% revenue share in 2022

Based on the technique, the global medical device cleaning market is segmented into cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization. The disinfection segment's leading market share is driven by its critical role in preventing healthcare-associated infections. Disinfection is a cornerstone of infection control, ensuring the elimination of pathogens on medical devices. The growing awareness of infection risks and stringent regulatory guidelines propel the demand for robust disinfection solutions. With healthcare facilities prioritizing patient safety and regulatory compliance, the disinfection segment garners significant traction. Continuous technological advancements in disinfection methods and products further bolster its dominance in the medical device cleaning market.


  • The intermediate level segment held the largest market with more than 46.3% revenue share in 2022

Based on the EPA classification, the global medical device cleaning market is segmented into high level, intermediate level, and low level. The intermediate-level segment's dominance in holding the largest market share can be attributed to its crucial role in achieving a balance between effective cleaning and device preservation. Intermediate-level disinfection strikes a vital compromise, eliminating a wide spectrum of pathogens while being less corrosive on sensitive medical equipment. As healthcare facilities focus on both infection control and device longevity, this segment gains prominence. The demand for thorough yet gentle cleaning, driven by patient safety concerns and equipment maintenance, contributes to the significant market share of the intermediate-level segment.


Regional Segment Analysis of the Medical Device Cleaning Market

  • North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico) 
  • Europe (Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Rest of APAC)
  • South America (Brazil and the Rest of South America) 
  • The Middle East and Africa (UAE, South Africa, Rest of MEA)


North America dominated the market with more than 32.4% revenue share in 2022.


Global Medical Device Cleaning Market

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Based on region, North America's dominance in the medical device cleaning market can be attributed to its robust healthcare infrastructure, stringent regulatory framework, and advanced technology adoption. The region's well-established healthcare facilities prioritize infection control, driving demand for effective cleaning solutions. Compliance with rigorous regulatory standards ensures high-quality cleaning practices. Additionally, the presence of key market players and significant investments in research and development contribute to North America's leadership in shaping and advancing the medical device cleaning market.


Asia Pacific's projected status as the fastest-growing regional market in the forecast period is influenced by multiple factors. Rapid economic growth and increasing healthcare investments in countries like China and India are driving the demand for advanced medical device cleaning solutions. Rising awareness about infection control and patient safety is spurring adoption. Moreover, expanding healthcare infrastructure and a burgeoning medical device industry in the region contribute to heightened market opportunities.


Recent Developments

  • In May 2022, Purell Healthcare Surface Disinfecting Wipes were introduced by GOJO Industries, the company that manufactures Purell products. The new service provides an unmatched blend of tremendous effectiveness and comfort of mind. Purell Healthcare Surface disinfection Wipes are hospital-grade surface disinfection wipes that eliminate germs in one step.


  • In August 2021, Ecolab developed its Ecolab Healthcare Advanced Design Centre to work with customers in the medical device sector on infection control solutions for its cutting-edge surgical equipment, as well as to develop novel solutions for hospitals and operating rooms.


Competitive Analysis:

The report offers the appropriate analysis of the key organizations/companies involved within the global medical device cleaning market along with a comparative evaluation primarily based on their product offering, business overviews, geographic presence, enterprise strategies, segment market share, and SWOT analysis. The report also provides an elaborative analysis focusing on the current news and developments of the companies, which includes product development, innovations, joint ventures, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances, and others. This allows for the evaluation of the overall competition within the market.


List of Companies:

  • Steris PLC
  • GetingeAB
  • Advanced Sterilization Products
  • The Ruhof Corp.
  • Sklar Surgical Instruments
  • Sterigenics International LLC
  • Biotrol
  • Metrex Research, LLC
  • Oro Clean Chemie AG
  • Cantel Medical Corp.
  • Ecolab


Key Target Audience

  • Market Players
  • Investors
  • End-Users
  • Government Authorities 
  • Consulting and Research Firm
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Value-Added Resellers (VARs)


Market Segment

This study forecasts revenue at global, regional, and country levels from 2019 to 2032. Spherical Insights has segmented the global medical device cleaning market based on the below-mentioned segments:


Medical Device Cleaning Market, By Device

  • Non-critical
  • Semi-critical
  • Critical


Medical Device Cleaning Market, By Technique

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization


Medical Device Cleaning Market, By EPA Classification

  • High Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Low Level


Medical Device Cleaning Market, Regional Analysis

  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • UK
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Russia
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Australia
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Rest of South America
  • Middle East & Africa
    • UAE
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Qatar
    • South Africa
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

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